Veronike – never going back again

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

Life is like a circus wheel

And I never know how to feel

Still living in the way back then

You know I never meant to hurt you or to lose a friend

But time’s gone by like a runaway train

And it’s never coming back again

Did you think I’d stay after all you made me out to be?

You’re just looking at me

But I was meant to be free

Did you think I’d stay?

Well you should turn the other way

It’s never coming back again

You can stay in the past and you can live a lie

Say I’ve changed, call me cold, call me what you like

You’ll never know what it’s like on the other side

And why are you looking at me?

It’s not what you want, it’s not what I need

All you did was stay

And say I’m wrong, say I’m…

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