An autobiographical meditation from Christine Ray

Brave & Reckless

I have led many interesting lifetimes

Different cities

Different jobs

Different lovers

Different friends

Some of these lifetimes

Unbeknownst to me then

Were only brief rest stops

Before moving on

I have always left

Too easily I think

Never as sentimental

As I feel like I should be

Other lifetimes

I have inhabited for long stretches of time

Settling in, trying them on for size

Wearing them like a second skin

Always all in

Until I am not

I have been many different women

I have been electric, extreme teens

Sexy and seventeen

In a hurry to be grown

To be gone

From the too-small, too-conventional

Hometown where I never belonged

I have been bold reinvented twenties

Sure that I knew everything

Ready to take on the world

Heart-broken new graduate

In Boston, three jobs

Futon on the floor, clothes in milk crates

Love letters never sent

My whole life

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