#059–How do you develop the credentials needed to be considered freelance-writer material?

The Chatty Introvert asks for advice.

The Chatty Introvert

I’ve bounced back and forth on this question, because I love to write–and have been trying to get my writing chops back. But I am fuzzy on how to become a good writer, and how to develop your portfolio so people take you seriously, and want you to write for them.

What little I can glean seems to assume you have some credentials under your belt, some portfolio of work to show people. But what people? When? What kinds of writing?

It feels like looking for that first job all over again when I was 16: they don’t want you if you don’t have experience working, but you can’t get experience working until you get a job.

My degrees are in history and teaching 9-12 grade, not literature or writing. How can someone without publishing experience get their foot in the door? I wrote my master’s thesis and that was…

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