The Hunger

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – So many enemies in the battle

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

The stomach drop

The butterflies

The sky dive in my veins

making my heart crash

without a parachute.

The self-induced emptiness

Th fullness I rarely succumb to

The throat dry like cotton

The thirst abandoned

to the weakness

that feels better than

the disgust of feeding it.

The fainting that ends quickly

The brush off

The no big deal

The hollow in my chest

The racing heart that says hurry

The sweat that’s a warning

The fear that says too late

The paralysis that reminds me

I can’t pull off brave.

The dark that’s safe

The silence I trust

The second skin of giving up

The promise of giving in

The knowing in the breaking

and the pieces that

never did fit anyway.

The luck of the mirror breaking

The way I don’t believe that

The questions on repeat

The answers I’ll never hold

The reasons I stopped asking


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