Trump’s Neanderthal toolbox.

LuckyOtter shares a remarkable Twitter feed.

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Artwork by Roman Genn

This is a brilliant Twitter thread by @HoarseWisperer, who often posts threads about Trump’s probable NPD/sociopathy.   In fact, I think this short write up about Trump’s narcissism is the most spot on description I have ever read, so I’m posting the thread here in its entirety (with the author’s permission).

I also like the sense of hope it left me with.   The nightmare will not last forever because of the nature of NPD is ultimately self destructive.  Trump will burn all his bridges before he can take down an entire nation.   At least I hope this is true.

Here is the thread.

1.  As I’ve often talked about, I’ve seen Trump’s narcissism up close. It’s as familiar as an old movie, so let me put today in some context…

2.  People with severe narcissistic personality disorder like Trump are driven solely by the shallowest of primitive…

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6 thoughts on “Trump’s Neanderthal toolbox.

    1. Chris, one of the handy features of getting email notifications of new posts is that we get to see the title. That allows us to decide to skip the post if we don’t want to read it. Simple solution to a simple problem. As for the “kicks @ the kat”, like everybody else in this life, he will have plenty of chances to get things wrong again, and like the rest of us, sometimes will.

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      1. By the way, I think the Neanderthals get a bad rap. For a bunch of hunter-gatherers with minimal technology they did pretty well for several hundred thousand years in a tough environment. And, we know next to nothing about their personal and social lives. They couldn’t have been the stupid brutes we seem to like to imagine.

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      2. As in the undead Dracula kind, not real, but rituals involving the drinking of blood are known, and some historical figures (notably one Austrian countess) have been accused of bathing in blood to try to stay young (didn’t work). The character of Dracula was partly modeled on a Romanian ruler, Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula. He is still considered a national hero for his resistance to Turkish conquest. The nickname came from his favorite form of execution, and he was said to toast to victories by drinking the blood of his enemies.


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