Unclaimed Baggage

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Baggage and crumpled notes

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

It’s not your fault,

It’s me.

Always me

who sabotages my old wounds

to make them new again

so I can call it a bandage

when it’s nothing more

than a scapegoat.

My shoulders are too heavy

to take on more blame.

I am weighed down already

with regret

that eats away at my flesh

and there’s no room

for all the resentment

built into my bones.

My bags have been packed

for so long.

It’s the baggage inside,

I never learned how to put it down.

I never learned how to walk without it.

Call it a crutch if you will,

A drug I can’t stop taking.

So I fill my veins with self doubt

until I’m collapsed

and bleeding out

in the reflection of my own flaws

and I soak in the comfort

of knowing that’s where I’m safe.

Treading inside the self image

and it’s so fucking…

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