Purple Confessions

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – madness divine confessed

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

and sometimes I think I crave the madness, covering myself in the dirt of it all as I roll through it proudly without any grace. Feet first into the filth, I’m still smiling, stretched ear to ear, maybe this is the secret to life, and I hold it like it’s a remedy that only works for me. I say, keep your grace, love, I don’t need it. The grace never saved me like the fall did. It was somewhere between the jump and the landing; the spiral had colors only seen in the madness. God… it was gorgeous. Took my breath away for a minute or two. Made the landing worth it, it hurt less because I had those colors tucked under my skin where the grace once lived. I think it was the purple, a softness that swirled loud but gently just beneath my ribs. But maybe it was…

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