Center Stage (revisited)

Christine Ray – Long an observer, a woman finds her voice.

Brave & Reckless

She would never win the award

for best actress in a leading

or even performer in a guest role

She was

assistant director

boom operator


vital in keeping the action moving

letting the talent shine

She was

unread name in film credits

rolling past after

the audience has left

She was

name on unread page

of the performance program

She had chosen the backgroud


but willingly

when young

anonymity vital

for her survival

reliant on her ability

to disappear into the wallpaper

a chameleon

As time passed

it was easy


to be stage left

of attention’s

unflinching center

She became

minister’s girlfriend

center administrator

mother of two

called upon to

stand in those shadows

support their important work

facilitate their dreams

To write now

let others

read her words

claim her voice

seemed the most selfish

revolutionary act

she had ever engaged in

to bravely shout

not whisper


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