The Trolls Troll: I’m a Cracker, How Dare you call me a Racist! And, Grasping at Sippy Cups

Calico Jack tries to educate a troll who objects to being called “racist” when he calls himself a “cracker.” The result is not exactly a lively and enlightening debate.

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all! The comment section at Ye Olde Blogge and the Facebook page has been busy of late, which is especially surprising given the huge hole in the posting schedule over the past two months. At least the trolls are giving us posting fodder, amirite? Proving once again that every silver lining has a dark center once the trolls show up to shit on things. Trolling isn’t that the expression of nihilism gone digital?

50MillionMoreWhite People Ending Racism

Back on 27 March, a character calling himself, Mr Untroubled White Cracker, graced us with a comment that began, Why should I care about lesser cultures when it was my white culture that sailed across the Atlantic and built this country? in response to the post, What Can I Do? Five Things White People Can Do To End Racism. My rule here on the blog is that as long as you…

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