Let Go

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Telling someone to go, and why.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I am tired of this filthy I cannot scrub off my skin. Forced to sit in it like a punishment for existing and isn’t that what I get? Pick my brain as much as you want. I have no answers for you other than I am so fucking sick of making this bed every day, the way I half ass make it, and for what? To lie down in the mess of it all. Well, I made my bed… but I don’t want the strings that are attached to it anymore. I don’t want any of it. All of this shit… take it with you. It never made me happy like I thought it would. All the money I spent chasing for that feeling, it never came. The money spent me like these days spend me and I have never been so empty handed. If I know anything at all…

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