Flatline Years

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – a letter to a fellow traveler

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I was empty long before you offered to fill me with the emptiness served even from the good plates, and still I pushed it away and excused myself from the table, but you continued to prepare meal after meal and I’m stuffed. Engorged with decades of emptiness I binged on trying to fill myself with everything just to know what happiness tasted like, but I was only feeding the self deprecation. I was only chasing the thought of a dream, I am tired. Ideas spin inside like fiction trying to be true and my mouth is raw from the fairy tales that swirl around and I’ve never tasted the proof. You used to say, “As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters.” But I didn’t get the toolbox to fix what’s broken. I just smile on cue, flip the switch to make my eyes light up when my lips curve…

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