What Christians can learn from Jews about handling disagreement

Beth Caplin – “True” and “False” belief

Sarahbeth Caplin


After Trump got elected, and accusations against liberals turning “safe spaces” into echo chambers intensified, I made a personal rule for myself: for every book or article I read that affirms what I already believe, I will read something that doesn’t.

There’s a blogger I follow whose viewpoints I frequently disagree with – which is one of the reasons I read her work. I read all kinds of perspectives and viewpoints, so long as they are presented in a respectful manner, and hers are. But something she mentioned in a recent Instagram story got me thinking, and I want to expand those thoughts here.

She was addressing the issue of false teachers/prophets, and named a few whom she considers to be “false Christians.” They happen to be women whose books I own, and whose writing I greatly respect. So naturally, that was a little disappointing to hear, even though it…

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