The Fall Before the Flight

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – falling to fly

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

You fall each time before you fly

and there’s nothing pretty about it

It’s not a caterpillar

It’s not a butterfly

This isn’t poetry

No fairy tales here to tell

This is real life

This is my fall

Before the flight

I stopped everything

Disconnected from anything

Lost the ability to care

I was last on my list

Refused treatment

along with medication

Ignored the red flags

Because I can handle anything, right?

Rubbed away whatever was crawling

under my skin

Plugged my ears to the voices

that kept telling me

to run into the traffic

Shrugged away the paranoia

that everyone anywhere

was staring

Made light of the fact

that I stayed locked up tight

in my own dark

behind closed doors

Patted myself on the back

for losing weight

without calling it by its name

Scrubbed my skin raw

from the disgust rolling around

Brushed away the twitches

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