Notes from a small dog – In hiding…

Ani, reports on how she helps her Two-Legs, including a newly patented diet plan.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We are back at the point where she’s losing the plot,
‘When she’s tearing her hair out and swearing a lot,
When there’s costumes and props strewn all over the place
And she’s wearing that panicky look on her face.

‘Cause it’s April again and The Workshop, you see,
And around her’s no place for a small dog to be,
So I’m spending my days hiding under the table
And sneaking out briefly whenever I’m able.

I do try to help, it’s not easy at all
When there’s boxes of stuff between me and the ball
That I keep throwing for her, by way of distraction,
And to keep her alert… I request interaction.

Then to help her keep trim, I’ve a neat plan in place
That prevents her from snacking or stuffing her face…
Every time she goes into the kitchen to feed
I will stand at the…

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