Home in five…

Lizzi – about home


“I’ll be home in five.”

It’s the kind of thing we like to say; to know in a very short time we’ll be back in a place of belonging, of safety, of the normal everyday where-we-BE.

Lucky us, to have that.

Lucky us, not to be sheltering from warfare, or schlepped across countries against our will, or even out on the streets, where ‘home’ might be a shop doorway or a cardboard tent against the cold. The world is full of homelessness.

I read, recently, or maybe watched a short documentary…it was about homeless people on the streets of Britain who, in the middle of winter, preferred to stay outside in their little shelter, with their scraps of nothing and whatever dignity their scrounging could afford, because they trusted it more than the shelter which was on offer. That made me sad, but also made sense.

Home is where we…

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