The Official Launch of Indie Blu(e)

Indie Blu(e) is up

Brave & Reckless

Kindra Austin, Jimmi Campkin, Stephen FullerChristine Ray and Mariah Voutilainen are proud to announce the official launch of Indie Blu(e). Indie Blu(e) is our way to support self-published writers and those publish through small independent presses and connect them with readers who are passionate about independent writing.

Individually, independent writers have a certain amount of reach through word of mouth and social media, but that this reach expands significantly when they network with other independent writers to shine a spotlight on their collected body of work.

The founders of Indie Blu(e) are offering a home for curated writers to promote their books, provide readers with honest, thoughtfully crafted book reviews and interviews with writers that will give readers insight into the writer’s creative process as well as the publishing process. We will feature writers who have already successfully published as well as first-time authors.

Indie Blu(e) is…

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