Stephanie Bennett-Henry – letting go

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

There are pieces I had to rip from my own hands because voluntarily letting go felt impossible. It felt like stabbing myself in the heart. It felt like watching myself die. Saying goodbye is never easy, even if it’s not goodbye forever, it still hurts to say goodbye to a moment that will never offer itself to you again. I guess I have a hard time with that. Letting go of moments that changed me… I never want to. I want to tuck them away somewhere and feel them forever. But those moments aren’t always for us, even if they are, maybe they are only meant for a short time instead of forever. And I hate those kind. Feels like something meant for me is telling me no, a rejection that says, You aren’t good enough so here’s some abandonment to teach you how to be better, but still…. I…

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