Stephanie Bennett-Henry – a storm instead of sleep

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

So I plug in the white noise at night. Soothing sounds from my playlist to rest my mind. Maybe settle my thoughts while I search for some peace through sleep. It never works. My mind likes to throw parties at the most inconvenient times. I need a pause button for this exhaustion. It’s in my soul. The clock doesn’t care what time it is or how loudly it ticks to let me know time is running. I stopped chasing it too long ago to remember what it feels like to be on time, even though it was always the wrong time. My internal clock busted. I lost track so long ago. I don’t have to be anywhere like anywhere doesn’t have to be with me. Still I picture an hourglass in my mind. Sand moving through. Some days too slowly. Some nights quicker than I can see the way it’s…

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