Your Name is a Scar

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – a scar of sweet memory

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Maybe we didn’t come out of this unscathed, but so? The best things in life leave some kind of mark for a reason. And love, you branded me in the most amazing way. My heart will never be the same now, all for the better, nothing less.There’s a scar across my heart filled with the moments we made and the moments that made us. I carved it there with my own bare hands as a reminder of all we were. I marked it permanent and deep, shaped like your eyes, and I left enough room to add more of those memories from your smile. Sometimes I trace the scar with my fingers, feel each letter of your name just to have you close to me one more time, it’s the most perfect scar I have ever studied. It doesn’t hurt. You didn’t hurt me, you healed me. That is why…

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