Settle Me

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – to be settled – what an idea

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I want to be heartless

Gut the feelings that rip my insides

Brush it all off

Walk away like I never cared

I want to be straight-faced

Void of any emotion at all

Take these strings from my heart

Tangle them around objects

that don’t mean anything

Hold them as though they do

Take the softness from my eyes

Let them be stones

Throw them until I am hardened

Kick the pieces they split into

like the glass from the mirror,

like the smoke it all is anyway

Cover my mouth a blank surface

that only knows the color of honesty

Show me a truth

that doesn’t break itself

into a lie that exists forever

Spin my spine

like metal from the crash

that never unwinds me

from my twisting

Straighten my path

until it’s crystal clear enough

to never get lost

in the outdated map

that takes me nowhere

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