Sweeping Truth

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – What to do with the truth?

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Everything is not okay.

I am not fine.

But I can be because that’s what

you want to hear.

I’m smiling so fucking big,

but my face doesn’t move.

Maybe I’m smiling on the inside

is what I tell you…

and you believe it every time.

Even though you know it’s not true,

it could never be true.

But the truth is a funny thing…

messy like secrets

swept under that magic carpet.

Out of sight, out of mind.

It never even happened.

Didn’t it, though?

Your priorities are fucked sometimes,

most of the time.

I deserve this… all of it.

But I don’t want it, so take it.

Take it all.

Leave me with nothing

but the stains from the dreams

I once had,

smeared dirty under that rug.

Leave the rug.

I will gather the truth from beneath,

filthy as it may be,

hold it for a while

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