Finding a Therapist: What You Need to Know

Leon Garber suggests some questions to ask a prospective therapist.

Leon's Existential Cafe

I’ve decided to write a blog post in the hope of helping people to find a psychotherapist that fits them and what they’re seeking in treatment. The question I get asked most by prospective patients is: how do I know which therapists are good and which aren’t? I, often, encourage patients to ask, and to continue to ask, these types of questions and to afford themselves the chance to explore a potential therapist’s assessment of their ailments, as well as her or his treatment recommendations. Too often, patients have complained that they hadn’t been able to what they were searching for in treatment. Rather than feedback, they received reframing. Instead of collaboration, they had to guess at what their therapist was thinking by means of interpreting head gestures and silence. In writing this post, my intention is to outline several questions prospective patients can ask themselves and their therapists to…

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