If Only

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – A profound disorientation.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I have had a broken heart before, but nothing like this. It’s different now. I don’t really understand it myself, but maybe it’s because of the time invested, connections made that can’t be remade, giving everything, risking a lot, time lost. Things like that I’ll never get back again. I believe it changed me, marked me up like a scar I will never get rid of, but more than that. It made me see myself differently, made me question too much about things I never doubted, until I started to second guess what I thought promised to be true. That was a horrible feeling. To have someone love you so much and then not at all. I’m not sure why I still torture myself with wondering, but I guess silence has a way of doing that. When everything you know changes, you are left with an emptiness that will remain…

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