Wild Hearts and Scarlet Kisses

Janmalique – “Dare to release the beast.”


74c1ddaaad43d840b9dc00fe9190e2b1--raven-tattoo-rib-cage From Pinterest

I came across this quote on Pinterest and it swiped a huge paw across my body, leaving me out of breath and tense in anticipation. I felt the words tumble from my hands as I lay breathless, hoping for illumination.


For too many people these wild creatures are either left to starve or brood in silent resentment. These wildlings test bone and flesh, search for weak spots, and subtle cracks in the bars of their prison.

They stare with depthless eyes, draw us in with faux vulnerability. Or is their pathos real? We won’t know for sure until close, so close that we can taste the scarlet kiss and hear the whispered entreaty, “free me.”


Soon, so soon, we’re drawn into the velvet room, sanctum and bed of our passions and regrets. The beast circles us, hunger in its dark eyes, fangs luminous in ivory splendour. It sings…

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