Saving the Pain

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – A practice of alchemy

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I tucked my chaos on the inside, hidden out of sight, thinking maybe my mind would forget it. It never forgets. It runs through my blood, grows solid in my bones, making up part of who I am. I learned how to embrace it as though it is the fire inside that keeps my wild brewing hot, boiling just right to keep me out of the stereotypical box of what the world calls normal. So be it. How could I not open my arms to welcome every part of myself that keeps me from being caged in that so called box? Who would I be anyway without the chaos? The madness in my eyes, spinning through my heart, circling my tongue with these very words that don’t always make sense, but they taste too sweet to waste. I would never spit them out or swallow them down to let them…

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