Pandora’s Box (revisited)

Christine Ray opens a box seeking secrets revealed.

Brave & Reckless

Not sure I went to bed

same woman I woke up

An act of boldness


Put your big girl pants on

led to opening

Pandora’s box

old battered Whitman sampler tin

holding flotsam and jetsam

of absent father’s life

Thought I was prepared

for the truths it held

handwritten letters

ghosts calling from the past

clues to a puzzle

Was his madness

my madness?

Does my poet soul

vibrate with his?

Three generation inheritance



poetic passion

trying to glean

understanding of nature vs nurture

Humble tin

held no answers

Pandora’s box

revealed a man-child

Scrawl eerily similar

to mine

I discover that the few truths

thought I had been entrusted with

about my parents

about our family

were fantasy


refuted by an unexpected voice from their past

Were these lies


told to protect me

his memory


No objective truth

to be sought

No case to…

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