Headlights like Stars

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Driving in the night, in the dark.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I never really learned how to be in love with living in this life that is constantly dying. There’s a scream just beneath my skin that never stops crying, makes me stronger each day with the way it teaches me how to die. And I have no right to feel this, no reason or rhyme for this heart breaking me open making me fall like it does. Sometimes I think there is a riddle just under my ribs wanting to be solved, needing to be pieced together until it makes sense of this mess. Until my chest is no longer weighed down with a pain searching for validation to explain the heaviness. I cannot carry it anymore, but it stays and it stays, pounding into me, waiting to break me. I feel it. The way it rises. The way it never settles and I haven’t slept for days. I take…

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