Stephanie Bennett-Henry – A letter to a stubborn lover.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I made a mess too deep. The madness swirling inside refuses to clean it up. Stays to mess it up more with the rapid cycling coming through like a bulldozer, ripping up my spine, trying to strangle my heart like it always does. I have perfected the mess but never the clean up. Always someone walking behind me, picking up the pieces I drop. Covering my back and sometimes my eyes so I am spared the sight of the way my own heart breaks. It makes me cry. No one likes to see the tears. They are thick with guilt from eyes of others. Hard to look at, because looking means Acknowledging which translates to accepting blame for taking me into this spin that never stopped, or maybe the apology I never got. That’s hard to do for some. So they shield me as if that saves me, without making…

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