Love is a Grenade

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – The trouble with “love”

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Who needs love anyway? Not me. I think about love the same as a grenade and I never look forward to having my heart blown to pieces by someone who should have never been holding it in the first place. I don’t need to hear I love you, like it’s some kind of life support that promises to make me matter, as you pull the plug on the promise you never planned on keeping anyway. No thank you. I’d rather you pull the plug first, so I can die without hearing the infamous I love you bullshit. It’s impossible to love me. If you try, be ready for war because my perfected ability to not let anyone get too close is like a shot gun blast you’ll never hear and I refuse to give you the power to make me turn off my safety. I’ve been ripped to shreds enough…

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