When Darkness Falls

Christine Ray – Vulnerable in a safe place

Brave & Reckless

Darkness has settled in
surrounds me
The cold outside our four snug walls
frosts our windows
turns snow into a hard, white crust
The day has been long my love
I have been doing battle with the world today
I have been doing battle with myself
My body is bone-tired
My heart aches
My soul is weary
exhausted tears are a heartbeat away
Will you hold me close to your chest
Lend me your strength?
Cup my face tenderly
before kissing my forehead, my lips?
May I lay on your broad shoulder, clasped in your arms
while you whisper me a goodnight story?
Can you sing me a love song
written just for me?
Will you remind me that you are mine
and I am yours
that when we are together we are always home?
Can you gently remind me
that I am a woman worthy of your poetry?

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