Hasty – When someone struggling reaches out, grab that hand and don’t let go.


When I experienced bad bouts of anxiety and depression I would isolate.  I still do.  Avoid socializing.  Avoid commitment.  Avoid stimulation.  I would escape into my own head and look for comfort there.  But I would never find it.

When someone with depression reaches out to talk and they are scolded or told to just be happy they will retreat.  They will isolate.  And if they don’t learn to manage that isolation it will swallow them whole.


Please don’t let go
Don’t let me fade away
I’m hanging on here
Best I can, but…
I feel like my grip
Might just give up
And you say
Why don’t you just
Slow up and grow up
You’re making me
Want to throw up
And I regress and digress
Put myself in timeout
Give my brain a recess
I can’t listen right now
I can’t listen right now
I can’t listen right…

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