The NK Summit: Trump’s Narcissism and Destructiveness on Full Display

Calico Jack – The “Summit”

The Psy of Life

SchadenfreudeSchadenfreude: Narcissism & NK Crisis

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber has met with Kim Jong-Un in Singapore for a couple of hours behind closed doors with only translators. No one knows what was said or done. Can we even be sure those were like proper translators and not pee-hookers? You know how the Ol’ Pussy Grabber likes him some pee-hooker. Then, they came out and signed an empty proclamation declaring themselves both worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, took a few pictures, figuratively grabbed a few pussies, and went home to lie to their respective presses. The End

Wait, that’s it? They met for a couple of hours? That’s all? Did anyone know it would be so brief? From the talk before hand, I thought it would go on for days. Any talks that would produce a substantive agreement would have to go on for days, wouldn’t they? Of course…

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