Flying Monkeys

Cluster B – Its not pigs flying, its monkeys.


protectedmonkeys.jpg May the Flying Monkeys keep our house safe. Amen

Although flying monkeys are not strictly speaking part of Cluster B, they can be used by Bees so they have a place in this blog. I love the name and concept. It’s such good fun!

trumpsflyingmonkeys.jpg What would politics be without flying monkeys?

Sometimes you’d like nothing better than to give them a good scolding, especially if they’re on the other team:

flyingmonkeytshirtThey appear on t-shirts. There is even a line of fashion named Flying Monkey. You can find the cutest shorts by Flying Monkey at Bloomingdales so you know it’s gonna be good. Too bad they are so pricey.

To be serious, for a minute, a flying monkey can be a well-meaning relative who tells you you are breaking your mother’s heart by not speaking to her. They don’t know the whole story, why you went No Contact. But they…

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