Demons in My Eyes

Stephanie Bennett-Henry addresses one who shows a way.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

There is no blame to take, but you pocket it deep, hide it away for my sake because that is just who you are. Extraordinary in your selfless ways even when you try to deny that part of yourself. And it’s amazing what we learn about ourselves sometimes, but also a wake up call I may have hit the snooze button on. If only there was one. So, the lesson punched me in the face when I wasn’t looking and now I am wide awake. Ordinary in my selfish ways I try to deny, I pocket the fault deep inside and soak in it until I learn it’s not all about me. I will take the blame that was never yours to carry, lift the weight off your shoulders and hold it, if it puts the light back in your eyes. You are amazing in the way you voluntarily took…

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