Hear Me

Stephanie Bennett Henry – Listen to the silence and hear.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

You need to know that sometimes when the world falls silent, there is so much to hear; listen. It’s in the quiet spaces where you learn all you need to know and I have been waiting for so long. Please hear me.

I have swirled inside this madness, stepping along the edges with no cracks, but I have fallen. My feet hit hard enough to rip cracks inside the cracks, all the edges are no more, I am unhinged.

Vulnerable without the barrier of the edges that held me when this was still in my hands to reach for, but now I am unguarded. Fingers dipping into a place where madness flows out from the banks of all reason, reaches the other side where the madness is swallowed whole by the hell in my throat without choking. I am laughing.

Hysterical to think of when I thought I knew that…

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