Keep Playing

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Even when the music stops, it goes on.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I never told you the way my eyes turn to different shades for you. Colors mix together to blind the sun, I lose my focus and I am filtered over like a shimmer covering the blue. Cloud my gaze to a color black I can see through. Spins the universe. Drops my heart. Shows me a sky that holds a heaven where all the stars I ever wished on are just inside and everything is perfect. Like a masterpiece that cannot be touched by anyone. Only the music. The orchestra plays. The world falls deaf at my feet and I hear nothing other than the sound of beautiful, if beautiful could talk, it would use your lips. It would Sing a song that wakes the world and drops everything all at once just to make sure everyone gets a chance to hear you. All is right in the world again…

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