The Sun God Descends

Jan Malique imagines a people, doomed but not unremembered.


SuperPhoto_180710215614~2 ©Jan Malique, 2018

What must be done is done, songs sung and offerings placed,

So do one and all stand, give of their silent presence,

Would that satisfy, tell of sincerity?

Their time is past, and an age is mourned,

The elements move in, bury a people meant for vanquishing,

For retreat to the lands beyond the West,

For the future comes with winged feet, swift and deadly

The Sun God descends, ushering in eternal night,

Speaks to his people of more to come,

Urges secretive words to unveil,

To mark the stones of remembrance, keepsakes of ages to come.

SuperPhoto_180710220253 © Jan Malique, 2018

‘Your time is past children of the Sun’ so he foretells, pain and tears fill the heart of fire,

The void within is filled with salt and  bread,

Offered as sacrificial meal, 

So soon, so soon must they depart,

What must be done is done, songs…

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