Tipping the Scales

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Sometimes, you just have to kick your own ass.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

It’s a journey back to myself and all I know now is that it has been everything but graceful. Not a pretty picture of pieces crumbled into a mess that no one else can clean up but me. After sweeping the chaos under the rug for so long, pretending it didn’t exist, looking away became easy. Out of sight, out of mind. Until the day my mind said no and took me the long way around. The look me in the eyes and face the demons way around. The clean your fucking mess up way around. I couldn’t look away anymore and I guess the hardest part of a battle is when you are your own opponent. Sometimes I can’t remember if I’m betting for myself or against myself, but I know the end goal is to kick my own ass hard enough to know I’m on my own side…

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