What is human?

Cluster B – What makes some people less than human? Other people, that’s who.


The Art of Scapegoating

I have discussed the way we psychopaths are stripped of our humanity.

Quite a list and it’s only partial. But dehumanizing a scapegoat is hardly limited to psychopaths. It can be done to any group that is noticeably different from the majority (or powerful minority). Ethnic groups are dandy targets. We have Jews, Blacks, “Indians,” Muslims, “Spics,” and now, Immigrants. Then there are those who lose their humanity by dint of their beliefs. Atheists are a good example. I mean, even God damns atheists. They are going to burn in Hell, anyway. Why should “we” care about them while they are alive? And “libtards” are only snowflakes…

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