Winning Eternally

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – driving fast, perhaps to crash

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

and I wish I could control that, get a handle on it, slam the brakes on it, but I am full speed ahead, my foot stuck solid on the gas pedal to the floor heavy. Crashing when the brakes say no and the deep breaths try to take the wheel with slippery hands praying to give up; I’m spinning. Shaking core acting like tires gone flat, exhaled and I am deflated. The burn in my throat wells up like rubber never laid on asphalt long enough to clear the smoke from my view; I am cracking. My eyes try to wipe the focus clear for the sake of my mind before I go blind as the windshield fades to black and I am winding around a corner that runs and hides; find me. This is a public display crying out to be any fucking thing other than what it is…

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