A Midsummer’s Vision

Jan Malique – A tale told, meant to be heeded

Strange Goings On In The Shed


A midsummer vision awaits all those with hearts of innocence and childlike curiosity.’ So says the Storyteller perched on the Tree of Wisdom. He waves a hand, pours dreams and sweet words for all to partake of. ‘Will you not sit awhile and hear my tales?’ he says, a twinkle in his eye and smile so mysterious.

Long ago when the world was young and full of magic, the Sleepers in the Land descended, into heart of earth and rock. Sacred Ancestral Guardians and teller of truths were they, watching and protecting. Many came before and many after. You hear their voices carried on wind and song, if they so choose to warn and reassure. Remember well of what I say, for a time will come when they will awake. Then beware, heed their words of warning.

Did I unsettle and shake your souls?  See beyond fear filled halls…

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