All My Heart

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – A letter to an absent love

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I wish there was an easy way for me to explain all of this through words, but there’s not and never will be. I know you don’t understand, the same as I never will be able to. No matter what, I never will. I lost more than my footing, so much more. My dreams are gone, my fears came to life, ate me alive, and it feels like I am still being chewed up. I am gone. My rising fell before it had a chance to even stand, much less fly. This bottom I keep hitting only falls lower with each day as a plunge crashing harder into a surface that never stops dropping. It’s never ending. And I’m so sorry. I wanted so much to be stronger for you, for myself. But I am changed. Gutted so deep with all that went left unsaid, between then and now. There’s…

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