Faerie Bridge -Thursday photo prompt: Crossing #writephoto

Jan Malique — A bridge between worlds

Strange Goings On In The Shed

crossing Image: Sue Vincent

Sue’s given us a lovely image for the Thursday Photo Prompt with which to weave our stories. I immediately thought of the Faerie inhabitants of this land; and of course places where we and they may meet. I’ve been distant from the wild and not so wild places of this island for a while, to my detriment.

This will hopefully be remedied once I place this offering for the Faerie Queen in the digital sphere. Modern times sometimes call for modern methods.

I live in places where the rabble of voices and thunder of this age proliferate.

They roll in on waves of fantasy and ether, ever keen on dismantling and crushing. Ever keen to subjugate.

Where is the sound of rain drops and whisper of trees unfolding? Where is the sound of ancient songs resounding? Shall we grasp them gently, and imbue them with dreams of…

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