Looking for Light

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – searching for a light to share

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I catch myself trying to pen words that spill positivity as if I have a message that will inspire you somehow to be a better version of yourself today.

But I always stop myself, because those words I try to force are fiction and I don’t want to lie to myself. Same as I don’t want to lie to you.

I could write a few trendy lines about how the stars wait to collect your wishes, shoot across the night sky to make those wishes come true and bring them straight to you. But I can’t do it.

As much as I’d love to rip out of this skin, be someone different and paint myself in a light that always shines in a good way, that’s just not who I am, maybe that’s who I’ll never be.

I’m on a journey to myself and honestly, I’m not sure I have…

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