The Lesson to Myself

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – A mystery worth solving – a battle worth fighting – writing worth reading

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I am not for everyone, maybe not for anyone at all and I am slowly learning to be okay with that. Taking the lesson that every wrong look isn’t a death sentence plunging a knife into my heart. Learning not to see the color of someone’s eyes as a judgment that translates rejection.

Those shades always did kill me. I try to wrap my mind around the attitude that doesn’t care and that’s an easy thing to say isn’t it? Doing it is a different path and it’s never been level. Trips me with the jagged edges, makes me fall over the cracks, and maybe it’s me pushing myself down the way I mastered so long ago.

I guess, if I’m being honest, this lesson of not being my own worst enemy is the hardest one I’ve taken. I keep failing it like self sabotage is the best grade to…

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