Trump-Putin press conference: the Russia scandal is about elite impunity – Vox

Calico Jack on the (eventually) fatal illusions of impunity

The Psy of Life

Few things feel as good as righteous indignation, moral condemnation, and schadenfreude as an opponent gets her well deserved comeuppance. And, this story certainly feels that way to me. It is an I told you so confirmation that does the battered egos of progressives and liberals in Fascist America some good.

Does anyone remember the opening months of Obama’s administration in 2009 when a lot of his political appointees had to withdraw over tax problems. They went ahead and paid their back taxes whether they were for nannies that they paid under the table

We don’t punish white-collar criminals in this country. Not really, and certainly not by comparison to how we punish poorer, less white people for less severe offenses.

or taxes they hadn’t paid on other transactions. I remember at the time realizing that this wasn’t a problem peculiar to Obama and his appointees. For this many…

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