Chill of the Rhythm

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – A rhythm remains

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

My post was solid, firm in the walls I built up around me to became one with. I was warm in the shelter I gifted to myself, even if it was imprinted with settling, hardened tough with seeds planted in resentment, rooted strong with regret ripping through too much stubbornness to care; I was warm there. But the foundation cracked, brought a chill to my bones, and blew through the places in my heart I thought I sealed permanent. And sometimes shelter is nothing but moments tied together with temporary strings from hearts that have more than one side, another face hidden beneath the one you thought was beating solo. You don’t know the words anymore, but you can’t forget the music. You cannot unfeel the rhythm of how those strings shook your core so hard, your bones still dance sometimes in memory of the music still playing, in spite…

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