A Mask of Faded Petals

Jan Malique paints a scene. Even the pathways of Darkness need gatekeepers.

Strange Goings On In The Shed

man-1461448_1280 LeandroDeCarvalho, Pixabay

I haven’t posted anything lately gothic tinged and dripping with energies of the Children of the Night (i.e. vampires). Shall we say my thoughts have been preoccupied with matters of a higher plane. Funny how I walk between Light and Shadow, alternating between the two when the mood takes me. At least they’re less complicated than the inscrutable and at times, impenetrable offerings spilling from my thoughts. Or so I believe. This post was originally titled “Masks.” It didn’t get very far in that guise, so, I sat down at my laptop urging something to come forward, pretty please with a real cherry on top.

Masks. The denizens of the night wear theirs with aplomb and a knowing born in the depths of eternity. Sometimes I wonder who the real monsters are, either these creatures, or those who profess to be human but hide such terrible natures. I…

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