Perceptions Skewed

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Beauty that was real before prettiness

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Let’s go back to when you learned how to reduce yourself in the eyes of someone else, just before the time when you stopped being you and tried to be more like the person next to you. Go back to before you learned comparison, before you decided you weren’t good enough or someone else was better. Step back to the time when everything changed, when the world told you who you needed to be, the expectations pointed at you like fingers holding money and ideas of how you should look. The magazine covers, the standards thrown to you to say, this is how you should look… see how happy the model on the cover is? Be that! Be this! Be anything, but not you. It’s unacceptable, not beautiful, try harder, buy the product, do your hair, wear the dress. You didn’t make those rules, but didn’t we all follow them?…

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