The Surface Never Lies

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Illusion exposed

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

It was everything until it wasn’t, then it was nothing. The kind that lingers on you like heaven was all a joke and everyone knew, but not you. Wake up with regret under your skin for believing in something so much to find out it was never true anyway. And you’re a fool. And she’s a fool. And she’s a fool. Well, everyone is full of shit. But it wasn’t a game to me and I think it’s cruel how well you do that. And it’s funny the way we all believe in so much until one day we just don’t anymore. I have nothing left to give when the stars come calling, fresh out of making wishes on lies, I close my eyes. Turn my face away from what the sky has to offer, sorry but I’m not buying anything you’re selling today or ever again, I promise. No…

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